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We are travellers at heart and we don't just want to provide sailing vacation, we want to share our mindset about traveling, with the world. We feel that you shouldn't experience mundane travelling in a mesmerising place like Greece. That's why we decided to bring our own point of view and curate unique sailing journeys served by an excellent team, professional crew and with personable service.
That's an Anasa experience!


Angelos Alexelis


Angelos is a passionate explorer and world traveller who lives in Greece. His never ending love of the Greek islands and sea led him to found Anasa Experiences. While sailing to the Greek islands, Angelos felt that vacations need to break away from the stereotypical narratives and mass tourism travel packages. With Anasa, he felt that he could bring his point of view in the Greek travel industry. The goal of Anasa Experiences is to offer unique sailing vacations crewed by experienced and friendly sailors; an authentic boutique sailing package to discover the blessed islands and mainland of Greece. Angelos background consists of studies in Economics with a MBA in the Amsterdam University and a professional career in management across UK and Europe. His strong belief in Greek tourism inspires the team of Anasa to evolve while his leadership skills and understanding of risk management offer stability and security. In his everyday life, Angelos is a food lover, sailor, adventurer, and admirer of nature so fun is not being compromised in Anasa Experiences.

Fei Alexeli


Born and nurtured in Greece, Fei has built a love for sailing and sea activities from a really young age. Sailing for Fei is a way to escape but also connect with the world. She wanted to combine that passion of travelling and exploring the world with the sea; thus she got on board with the Anasa Experiences idea. Having a background in Architecture, Photography and Digital Arts, Fei represents the creative direction of Anasa. When Fei is not sailing to the islands or surfing across the Greek waters, she can be found exhibiting her art work around the world.

Lazaros Papadopoulos

Angel Investor

Lazaros is a Greek former professional basketball player. He played with several teams in Europe throughout his professional club career obtaining a total of 10 titles. Also, he represented the Greece national team and won the gold medal at the 2005 EuroBasket and the silver medal at the 2006 FIBA World Championship. Besides his basketball career, Lazaros identifies himself eager for new pastures and business savvy. He has founded three startups by combining his enthusiasm for sports and business development. At the same time, Lazaros founded Promithes Energy SA, a group of RES companies. accountable for a total 70M of investments is solar energy projects. His love for the sea led him to invest in Anasa Experiences and become a valuable member of the company. Lazaros is a great mentor and supporter of the Anasa idea.


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To travel is to live.

Hans Christian Andersen
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